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Bemerton Baby

Bemerton Baby Gold Wireless Breast Pump - White

Bemerton Baby Gold Wireless Breast Pump - White

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A Mother’s milk supply waits for no one. At home, or out and about - when you’ve gotta pump, you’ve gotta pump! Our goal is to help you do so with ease and style.

We know that a Mum’s day is non-stop action, so we designed the Bemerton Baby Gold as the perfect all-round sidekick. Strong, reliable and always there when you need it. A one-pump solution for whatever the day may throw your way. Take the Gold with you; we promise it won’t let you down.

A pump that always fits in the bag, wherever your journey may take you. 


What's inside the box?

Bemerton Baby Gold Motorised Pump Unit 

240ml/8oz Cup 

Silicone Breast Shield (24mm) with anti-backflow valve and membrane

19mm Flange

22mm Flange

Two Duckbill Valves 

USB Charging Cable 

Storage Dust Cap

Travel Bag


What makes it great?

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Compact and lightweight, with no annoying tubes or cables. When out on the go (or even around the home), the Bemerton Baby Gold pump has you completely covered. The portable design and simple, clear interface offers the freedom to pump in situations traditional pumps can’t always cope with.


Our pump offers consistently high, hospital-grade suction (max 280mmhg) courtesy of a newly designed, intelligent motor. 3 modes and 10 suction levels mean the Bemerton Baby Gold is completely customisable to your needs. Tested against other leading models, it frequently outperforms the competition and ensures your pumping experience is as quick and stress-free.


Turning us on couldn’t be easier! With only three defined buttons, operating the BB Gold pump is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You won’t accidentally change modes mid-pump, and it’s instant to get started for those moments when your pumping window is super short.


Every mother is different and your comfort is paramount. The silicone breast shield is gentle on the skin and sits flush to your breast. The perfect fit is everything, so we’ve included three different size flanges to ensure the pump is perfect for you. The soft silicone ensures a truly comfortable pumping experience.


The unique anti-backflow design, ensures minimised leaking, and prevents you having to worry about spilt milk! The ergonomically designed cup will sit neatly into suitable bras, keeping the breast-shield flush to your body, and the suction-level consistent (so your attention can stay on the little one that needs it!).


Out-of-sight, out-of-mind? We hope so! Our quiet, slender motor works subtly to extract your milk, while drawing minimum attention. We wanted to keep the design low-key, but without sacrificing the capacity. The 240ml cup helps to reduce the time spent decanting, and keeps the process uber-efficient from ‘pump started’ to ‘milk bottled.'


We all know stamina makes a big difference, so we’ve made sure our pumps won’t let you down! Utilising a class-leading 1100 mAh battery, one full charge will last you the whole day, so you can always rely on the Gold pump to perform.


Safety is number one for both child and Mum. Each pump is made with food-grade, BPA free silicone. NO nasty chemicals get anywhere near Bemerton Baby products!

  • What’s inside the magic box?

    1x BB Gold Motorised Pump Unit 

    1x 240ml/8oz Cup 

    1x Silicone Breast Shield (24mm) with anti-backflow valve and membrane

    2x Flanges (19mm and 22mm)  

    2x Duckbill Valves 

    1x USB Charging Cable 

    1x Dust Cap

    1x Travel Bag

  • Numbers more your thing?

    Suction strength: 150mmhg~280mmhg

    Battery Size: 1100mA

    Cycles: 41-110 per minute

    Three Pumping Modes:

    Massage mode (22mmhg~160mmhg)

    Expression mode (68mmhg~280mmhg)

    Mixed mode

    Flange sizes included: 19mm, 22mm, 24mm included in box

    Warranty: 1 year for motorised parts

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