Frequently Asked Questions

How do your breast pumps work? 

Our pumps express milk directly into neat, portable cups that fit snuggly into your nursing or sports bra. Rechargeable and discrete, they offer 30 different modes with a visible timer to keep you completely in control of your pumping.

Can I breastfeed and pump at the same time? 

Absolutely! Wireless and completely handsfree, our pumps allow you the freedom to feed your little one and pump simultaneously.

Can I use two pumps to pump both breasts at the same time? 

Of course. Efficiency is essential. Pumping both breasts at the same time can be a game changer and save precious time - particularly on those overnight sessions! The pumps comfortably fit alongside each other and remain completely leak free.

Can I change the suction and mode of my pump? 

Our BB Gold pumps provide 30 (!) combinations of suction and mode. Each BB Gold pump has 3 modes (massage, express, mixed), and each mode has 10 levels.

Important note: mixed mode utilises the levels set in massage mode and express mode. Adjust the level to your comfort in both modes before going into mixed mode. 

Tell me about the battery life.

A full charge will cover you for a full day of pumping. Each pump has a built-in high performance lithium battery which is designed to offer approximately 2 hours of use, (or 4-6 pumping sessions).

The battery indicator clearly displays the pump’s remaining charge, letting you know when it’s time for some extra juice!

How do I sanitise my pumps?

Easy to disassemble, take the pumps apart and (excluding the motor) rinse the parts of excess milk. Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water, and either dry on a dedicated rack, or with a clean cloth.

To sanitise, ideally use cold-water sterilising tablets in a dedicated container to maximise the longevity of the parts.

Alternatively, you can submerge parts in a pot of water and boil for 3-5 minutes, preventing parts from touching sides or bottom of pot.

It is important not to use microwave bags or a steam steriliser - this can cause deformation of the parts.

What if my pump loses suction?

No-one likes low suction, so if you've noticed that your pump is losing power, please check the valve and membrane for any rips or tears. Some breast pump parts need to be replaced regularly, especially the valves, so we’ve included a spare in the box. We’ve got your back!

If you need further replacement parts, please contact us on and we’ll be certain to get back to you ASAP.

What is your returns policy?

Our returns policy can be found here.